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Friday, May 3, 2013

Buckle Up

It's only the beginning of May but it's been an eventful year so far. I've been working non-stop on our ministry vehicles getting them prepared for the imminent expedition season and I've recently purchased a vehicle of my own. A mechanic friend of mine from Holland visited recently and in 10 days we fully repaired, tested, and tuned 6 truck engines and made a plan for the rebuild of another. I've also been helping here and there with other staff building their houses on the base and I've also taken on other projects around the base to expand it's functionality.

It's exciting to see other staff return to Zambia. They've been in the United States and elsewhere making their own preparations for the year and now we're getting a few back every week. Some will be staying here for just two months while others will stay and watch over the base for the next rainy season when I and others leave to visit the US. With all that's been prepared, positioned, and put in motion in the last few months we're all very expectant for an exceptional year of growth in ministry, the release of new staff, and the mobilization of vital new resources.

I'm getting the idea that God will be doing a lot in me and my personal ministry this year. With what I've already been learning and how I see him positioning people and resources around me it makes me think that I'll be working in bigger and better ways than ever before. I'm confident that I'll be going to new places I've never been and I'll have new resources available to me that will open the door to more productivity for God's work in Zambia and beyond. I can already see the hints of how these things might come to pass and if God stays true to history (which he always does), then he will greatly exceed anything I can imagine or plan with events so awe-inspiring that I won't be able to help but praise him for his amazing work.

I can't wait. Let's get going.