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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just when I thought I finished school...

I've been in Zambia for almost three weeks now but I've only just finished the first week of actual class because of the AMT orientation and the expedition. It's been quite the week and I'm glad for the rest and the change of pace that the weekend brings.

This week we finished three of the units of the overall course. In the mornings we had a theology course using the book "The Bible in the Light of Our Redemption" by E.W. Kenyon and it involved reading several chapters, thoroughly answering the questions in the book, and taking in-class quizzes every day on what we studied. Just when I thought my days of homework were behind me I've got to dive back in. We covered a lot of material out of the book and had some excellent class discussions and my knowledge and understanding of Scripture were definitely improved as a result. In the afternoons we had two of the less academically strenuous units, GPS navigation and bush cooking. GPS navigation covered the use of handheld GPS units that are used to mark the locations of remote villages and track the unmarked dirt roads (and sometimes goat paths) that our trucks use to reach them. Bush cooking sounds just like the name implies: you get to a campsite, start a fire, and cook over it for everyone in your group while making sure that you're using all the food groups and making it taste good. We covered everything that goes into planning and preparing meals for an entire expedition team and our "final exam" was to cook dinner for the entire base.

Saturday is our day off so I went down to the warehouse and got some welding projects finished and today has also been very refreshing. I went out for breakfast at a nearby hotel with two buddies and then we went to church in the village right near the base. It's lead by a local pastor that has worked with Overland for several years and I always enjoy going there.

We've got new class units coming up this week and more homework to do but we're going to Chobe National Park in Botswana next weekend for a safari so I've got something to look forward to.


The GPS coordinates of where I'm sitting are 17°58'41.98"S 25°53'8.24"E. Copy and paste into Google maps or Google Earth and take a look. We got Google to take a better image of the area so you can see individual tents, the main center, the warehouse, and footpaths of the base. You can then look me up on Yahoo messenger at and message me when you get the location.

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