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Friday, October 29, 2010

New Faces

It was Tuesday, October 5, and we had just arrived in Chilli, a village in the Nyawa chiefdom about a 6 hour drive from Livingstone. It was our second of three expeditions during AMT and we were excited to be there after learning so much in class since the first expedition. We got our camps set up, ate dinner, and had worship around the fire with about a dozen of the local people with us. It was a perfect start to our ministry there.

Over the next three days, we met with and ministered to hundreds of people in the villages within walking distance of our camp as well as in a meeting hosted at a church several kilometers away. Much of the ministry was just meeting people in their homes but we also had the privilege of teaching about Jesus to the entire local school. We had a lot of fun singing with the kids and doing a skit for them as well. The kids tended to gather at our campsite in the evenings we spent a lot of additional time with them just playing games and having fun.

I liked this expedition more than the first one. We saw great spiritual hunger in the people we met and we got to see them give their lives to Jesus and passionately worship him. We prayed for healing over dozens of people and cast demons out of a handful of others as they tore off the charms they got from a witch doctor and gave their lives to Christ. Overall, we saw many lives change for the better and I grew tremendously in my understanding of the local culture, the African worldview, and how to share the Gospel to people who think nothing like the way I do with my Western mind.


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