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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"Prepare for glory!"

That is one of my most favorite movie quotes and it comes from an excellent, epic movie. I won't reveal which movie it's from so if you don't know it, sorry, you might miss part of my meaning. This quote came to mind just today after we finished presenting our final projects and we got the info about what we're doing this coming week.

The context of this quote is that a certain group of men are about to engage in a certain battle that will forever memorialize them in history as men of courage, dedication, and determination who would fight and die for something much bigger than themselves. Their king calls out with a voice of passion and excitement, invigorating his men with anticipation of the honor of dying for their cause. Now I and my team are not about to engage in any physical struggle nor are any of us in any physical danger, but we are on the eve of a great advance in the spiritual realm of the glorious Kingdom of Heaven. In the morning, the team and I begin our third and final ministry expedition to take the Word of God to villages that have never had an expedition before. The people there have heard stories about the expeditions that have gone to areas around them and they are hungry for the same spiritual food that they have heard others take part of. As messengers of the Gospel of Christ, we will preach the Word of God, lay hands on the sick, and cast out demons in the name of Jesus as we live among the Zambian people for a week.

We need your prayers throughout this week. Pray for health and endurance for our team since it's been a long three months and we're run down from working hard these last weeks to finish all the AMT courses. Pray for openness of heart and mind to the Gospel for the people we will be ministering to. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Josh and myself as we lead the team without our AMT instructors. Pray for us to be eager and expectant for the right Word at the right time to give to these people since our time with them is so limited.

This expedition is the end of AMT. We return to the base on Friday, tie off loose ends on Saturday, graduate on Sunday, and fly home on Monday. I'll try to post an update when we get back at then end of the week before I fly home.


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